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Senior Hardware Engineer


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, control engineering or related;

2. 5 years of hardware development experience in power electronics, such as frequency converter, servo driver, converter, UPS and inverter;

3. Familiar with power electronics technology, solid knowledge on power electronics and fundamentals of topology, familiar with design on power, thermal and magnetic circuit for power electronics;

4. Familiar with digital circuit, analog circuit, circuit analysis, control theory and basic knowledge of signal and systems, strong experimental skills and hands-on ability;

5. Good mathematical foundation and modeling and analysis ability;

6. Able to think and solve problems independently; diligent and rigorous, good at teamwork;


1. Based on technical planning and project tasks, responsible for hardware design during technology development to ensure the hardware design input requirements are met; complete tasks including schematic design, technical review, self-test and problem solving, etc.

2. Participate in the construction of hardware platform, and fulfill the research and reserve of hardware technology.

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